Wiimote Mouse

Posted by me on Sunday, the 28th day of January, anno domini 2007 at 9:04 PM, local time.

So, I was wandering around the web and came upon an interesting story over at Robots w/Lasers. We all knew it should be possible. We all thought it would be great. We all wanted it. Well now we have it. The Wii-mote can be used as a mouse. You don’t even need a driver or anything really, other than the normal Bluetooth and event processing stuff. There is a python script now available to translate the event stuff into mouse stuff for X.org or whatever needs the mouse. A great resource for this sort of stuff and more is over here at www.wiili.org. Very interesting stuff in there, including the math and such to convert the linear forces on the accelerometer into the rotational ones, something I know a lot of people out there were interested in.

Anyway, I was thinking it would be pretty cool to use that as remote for my new mythtv replacement stuff I am working on. I don’t know how perfect it would be, but it would get me up and running pretty quick, I think, for some of the interfaces. I could then develop them as very simple web pages that could be the same on my laptop as on the TV, with just point and click interfaces, rather than the whole up/down navigation thing most remotes would need. It might be a good thing to get that stuff up and running too sometime, but this might get me past the uninteresting interface stuff and deeper into the usable backend infrastructure I want to be working on.

Anyway, thought people might be interested, if you hadn’t seen this sort of stuff before.

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